Thursday, June 21, 2007


This is my submission for this session of It was first a sketch of what I thought the chupacabra would look like. Then DrawerGeeks' subject of "Alien" came to be and so I saw it as an opportunity to finish the piece. I kinda like it, hope you do to.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Evil of Disney

These are some of my favorite Disney Villains paintings. Along with the Chernabog piece posted earlier. I painted a couple of headshots but I was playing with the way their personalities showed through the paintings. The Hades piece was pretty interesting. My framer for the painting had the idea of actually setting the frame on fire to add to the effect. It was awesome. Looked really cool. Cruella DeVille was fun because I caught the moment when she was driving super crazy in the movie. I tried to make it look as if she was coming off the canvas. I think I succeeded because a few of the gallery workers were scared of the piece. Hee Hee. Maleficent is one of my all-time favorite characters. She has grace with her evil which allows me to pose her in a dignified manner and still emit evil.

Arrrrrgh! Matey.

Here are some illustrations for Disney's Cruise Line. You can see the different styles I got to work with. I like painting and doing illustrations and this was a subject different from the average Mickey and Minnie flirting with each other. Plus I like working with perspective. Must be from working at an architect firm.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

West Coast, East Coast....I gotcha covered.

Here are a couple of designs I worked on for West Coast Choppers. I love motorcycles, so these we a lot of fun to work on. The mexican wrestling poster was inspired by the movie Nacho Libre. I thought it would be cool do something like that. The funny thing is that I looked a catalog from WCC and it had a mexican motif. Made me laugh. I want to re-work it an make it look old and worn out. I'll finish and throw it up here at a later date.

Book Cover!!!!

I worked on this book cover for a good friend of mine. We talked about the layout of the cover and how she wanted it to look like an od mining town. So that is what I did. She designed the characters so I had to stay close to her designs. We also talked about the feel of the piece and so we came up with this color scheme as well. I painted most of the cover traditionlly, but the type and the ghost characters were added later in photoshop. Very fun project.


Another brochure for you to look at. I did this brochure for a company called "WriteStep". I actually had to do two different brochures. One for adults and one for kids. I liked how the kids turned out better. So here it is.

Logos and Brochure

It has been requested of me that I put up some artwork that is a little different from what I have currently up here. So I will. I am going to put up some logos that I have done as well as a brochure. The logos are various marks for either projects or companies. The brochure was for a local chapter of FPRA(Florida Public RelationsAssociations). It was a the need to match their website at the time. So that is what I did. Please enjoy.